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Fractures and broken bones are among the of the most common workplace injuries every year, with nearly 1 in every 12 workplace accidents resulting in a fracture. These types of workplace accidents can put you and your family in a difficult situation.

On average, workplace accidents involving a bone fracture or a comminuted fracture result in 31 days away from work (BLS). Depending on the severity of your fracture or broken bone, you may experience loss of income as well as the high cost of medical bills including x-rays, physical therapy, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation services.

New York workers’ compensation is meant to protect all workers who are hurt on the job. If you’ve been in an accident at work that resulted in a broken or fractured a bone, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in New York.

Understanding your legal rights after breaking a bone in a workplace accident can be complicated. Regardless of your occupation – manufacturing, healthcare, constructionthe workers’ compensation attorneys at Terry Katz & Associates can help after you’ve suffered a broken bone or compound fracture on the job. Call New York City injury lawyers at 888-488-7459 or complete the form below to learn how we can help.

Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation For a Compound Fracture Or Broken Bones?

The law in New York says that if you have broken or fractured a bone in a work-related accident, in most cases, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help pay your medical expenses and a portion of any wages you’ve lost due to your broken or fractured bone.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Workers’ compensation denial rates have increased by 20% over the past five years (Lockton Analytics). Your employer’s insurance company or their lawyers may fight to try to deny your rightful benefits. Also, the approval process can be complicated; a mistake on a claim form, a missed deadline, or not providing the right kind of evidence can result in your broken bone compensation claim being denied. Regardless of your circumstance the broken bones lawyer at Terry Katz & Associates can help all injured workers in New York.

Accidents That Cause Broken Bones & Compound Fractures at Work

Many types of accidents in many different work settings can break or fracture bones. If your workplace accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, we will evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible to file a personal injury claim with an NYC compound fracture lawyer for additional compensation, beyond a workers’ compensation claim.

These workplace injuries may include:

Getting Hit by a Heavy Object At Work

Workers who get hit by objects falling on them, such as machinery or tools on New York City construction sites, can have serious injuries, including broken or fractured bones. Other injuries that can cause fractured bones are a part of a worker’s body being squeezed, pinched, compressed, or crushed in equipment, between shifting objects, and between stationary objects can cause compound fractures or broken bones.

Broken Bones and Compound Fractures From Slip & Fall Accidents in New York City

Another common cause of broken bones and compound fractures is slip and fall accidents at work. Common slip and falls that can break and fracture bones are falls from ladders, falls from rooftops, and falls from scaffolding on construction sites. A fall doesn’t have to be from a high place to cause injury, though. You can break or fracture a bone a slip and fall on a wet floor or an uneven carpet. Should you break or fracture a bone at work make sure to get medical attention right away and give our injury lawyers a call.

Stress Fractures At Work

Stress fractures are sometimes caused by repetitive motions and lifting heavy loads. One of the main causes of stress bone fractures is a result of increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too quickly. Some stress fractures don’t heal properly, which can cause chronic pain. If underlying causes are not addressed, you may be at higher risk of additional stress fractures. Notifying our injury lawyer is one of your first steps in getting your claim started.

Car Accidents In Company Vehicle – New York City

Broken bone compensation may be available when driving is part of your job and your workplace accident occurred while you were working. For example, if you are a bus driver, a truck driver, or a delivery person, you will be eligible for benefits if you were involved in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident while you were driving for work. Even if driving is not your main job function, you may still be approved for benefits if you had an accident while you were driving for a work-related reason

Car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other motor vehicle crashes are common causes of bone injuries on the job. To be eligible for workers’ compensation due to broken bone fractures, the accident has to be work-related. Most of the time, that means you won’t be compensated for injuries due to a workplace accident that happened while you were just commuting to and from work. Contact our NYC compound fracture lawyer today.

NYC Broken Bone Workers’ Compensation – Free Consultation

While New York law is clear about your rights and about what you might recover, the insurance company responsible for paying your losses may be unwilling to provide you with fair compensation or your bone injuries.

The injury lawyers at Terry Katz & Associates have extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims in New York City involving broken or fractured bones and are committed to aggressively fighting for your rightful workers’ comp benefits.

There are time limits to file your claim. To learn more about your legal rights to workers’ compensation after suffering a broken bone or compound fracture in a workplace accident call our injury lawyer at 888-488-7459 or complete the form below.

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