What Should I Do If I Continue To Receive Medical Bills For The Treatment For My Work-Related Injury?

Doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities are not supposed to bill a Claimant directly for medical care for work-related injuries. If you are represented by Terry Katz & Associates, PC and receive a medical bill from the health care provider or from a collection agency, we customarily address this issue by sending out letters to healthcare providers, collection agencies, as well as the carrier to get these bills paid. It is illegal for healthcare providers to bill you directly.

However, if the medical bills are for unrelated medical issues or for sites that have not yet been established in your Workers' Comp case, the carrier will continue to object to them and the health care provider will continue to seek payment. In this case, we need to find out definitively if these sites are related to the case and if so, try to get them established based on your doctor's reports. Sometimes, the only reason you are receiving these bills is that the provider has not been given the Workers Comp carrier's information, so we recommend that you notify them verbally of the carrier's name and your case number so that they can proceed to bill properly.

Things to Remember:

  • Your Workers' Comp case is not a Personal Injury case. There are no payments in a Workers Comp case for pain and suffering.
  • Medical reports within at least every ninety (90) days are needed to document your disability during any period that you are out of work or working at reduced earnings.
  • Work includes any work, on the books, off the books, for friends or family, for your own business, for barter/exchange, or even volunteer work.
  • Even if you are not losing time from work, you may be entitled to an award for permanent damage for injuries to your extremities (shoulder, elbow, hand, fingers, hip, leg, knee, foot, toes).
  • Don't rely on the insurance company for answers to your claim; the Insurance company has their own agenda of limiting payouts on your case. Contact Terry Katz & Associates, PC for a free evaluation of your claim.
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