Hiring Terry Katz and associates to represent my interests in my Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability case proved to be a smart decision that yielded an extremely successful outcome.

Through the lengthy and intricate process I came to realize just how valuable having a team of highly skilled representation was, and that is just how to describe the law firm of Terry Katz and Associates “Highly skilled legal representation”. I’d like to thank the entire team who worked on both my cases all of whom were always professional, knowledgeable and extremely caring. Throughout my entire case all of my calls and emails were always returned in a timely manner. My questions always answered competently and professionally. I always understood the process and felt a confidence in the process that I would not have had if not for hiring Terry Katz and Associates.

Mostly I’d like to thank Ms. Langdale who worked tirelessly on both my workers compensation case and my social security disability case. Her representation and legal prowess in the court room was nothing short of impressive to witness. I will never forget how confidently represented and protected I felt during her opening remarks at my social security disability hearing.

During these difficult times I was truly grateful to have Ms. Langdale working so diligently and expertly for my interests.

Thomas R.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the job that Maggie Langdale did in getting me approved for SSDI and maybe more importantly, not having to have a review for another 5-7 years! Now I can concentrate more on my health, especially with the added benefit of Medicare next December.

Maggie went out of her way explaining every step of the process and answering all my questions on the phone or immediately after I emailed her. We reviewed all my answers to the lengthy paperwork and made several important changes. I would definitely advise anyone to use Maggie and your law firm!

Chris J.

My experience with the firm of Terry Katz and Associates proved to be a very rewarding experience. My specific case was for the receipt of SSI benefits. After having been denied my initial request for SS benefits, I contacted the firm of Terry Katz and Associates in the hopes of reinforcing my appeal.

The associate with whom I worked, Ms. Langdale, was truly exceptional, providing me not only with invaluable guidance, but personable and compassionate care along the way. She is a wonderful person. In the end, my appeal was successful and I am now receiving benefits.

I am so grateful to the Katz firm, for the exceptional assistance I received, not only from Ms. Langdale, but from all the associates involved at the firm. I highly recommend retaining their services for anyone seeking to strengthen their SSI case. Thank you again, Terry Katz & Associates!

Christopher B.

I would HIGHLY recommend Terry Katz Law Firm to anyone who is looking for a legal representation.

After an injury at work, Jesse was recommended to me by a coworker. Having little to no experience working with lawyers, I was pretty impressed with the degree of professionalism Jesse and his team showed. Jesse and Donna were very knowledgeable professionals who made themselves available to answer all my questions and concerns, even while handling other cases. They were not only professional but also compassionate.

I was extremely satisfied with the award that I received which didn’t come close to what I expected. This firm definitely gets results!! I would HIGHLY recommend Jesse and his firm to all my friends and family.

Delfida M.

It has been many years and so many rejections on from Social Security regarding SSDI.

One month after hiring Terry Katz & Associates, P.C., and the fabulous help of Lawyer Maggie Langdale, Esq., and Paralegal Jenny Pagan, I finally successfully won SSDI.

I am so very grateful Maggie Langdale and Jenny Pagan.

They are truly my Angels.


My experience with Terry Katz & Assoc. had been a super positive one!

They've represented me for over a year now (and will continue to do so) due to the impressive positive results they achieved for me, in my fight for the proper $$ Workman's Compensation I deserved from my (on the job) work related accident.

My legal team at T. Katz were *honest with me from the onset (*THAT was much appreciated) saying my particular case will face challenges, and THEY DID, but ALL those challenges, were met, and overcome, one after the other !!!

Go with them if you're looking for a top notch law firm!

Don C.

My attorney Howard swooped in there and handled the business. This law firm handled my case to my benefit and fought for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me. It took some time but I won the battle.

Thank you. Trust the process. Hire this firm. They got you 100.

Thank you Howard.


This is Rickey Price, I want to say thank you to Terry Katz & Assoc for the fine work they put in pertaining to my cases, from the beginning when it didn't look so bright they stood by me, from Worker's Comp to my Disability case all was worth the wait and I give them 5 star service all around the board.

Rickey P.

Very happy!!!

They did an excellent job fighting for me!!! Donna is the best!!!

Thank you so very much!

Geneva W.
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