Poor Service At Ssa Offices Leaves Some Feeling Helpless

Poor service at SSA

Many people in New York who have stepped foot in a Social Security office know that it can be just as bad as going to the DMV. Often, the lines seem neverending and barely budge -- if you only have an hour to wait, you'll probably have to come back later.On top of the long waits, many people experience less-than-enthusiastic customer service. Making matters worse, it is not always clear how best to resolve your problem or get something accomplished. As one recent article in the Huffington Post pointed out, some people are forced to go back to their Social Security office multiple times to get something done. What could be more frustrating?Unfortunately, our government officials do not seem to be too concerned with the lack of customer service at many Social Security offices. The author of the Huffington Post article explained that she tried to call her Congressman but couldn't get a direct response.Many people in New York have likely experienced the frustration and confusion that can come from working with the Social Security Administration. For those who are seeking Social Security disability benefits, however, their concerns are often particularly urgent. When people who are supposed to be helping you fail to give you straightforward answers or correct information, it can be infuriating.Fortunately, there are ways to seek help to get you through the process correctly the first time. By working with an attorney who is experienced in filing Social Security disability claims, you can ensure that you are submitting a complete application that gives you the best shot at being approved for benefits.Source: Huffington Post, "Social Security Administration's Cautionary Tale of Customer Service," Liz Wainger, Feb. 5, 2014

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