Claims Involving Third Party Liability

Claims Involving Third-Party Liability

Workers' compensation benefits are not conditioned upon either party being at fault. The rationale for this approach is that the occasional accident inevitably happens in the workplace. When it does, an injured worker needs quick access to compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses.

In exchange for workers’ compensation coverage, an employee generally cannot sue his or her employer for negligence or seek damages for pain and suffering. In rare circumstances, however, an exception may exist for an employer’s gross negligence.

When Might A Work Accident Involve A Third Party?

Personal injury lawsuits can be filed against third parties whose negligence may have contributed to your workplace accident. In New York City and Long Island, a common example is a construction site accident. Since construction workers are typically sent to jobs off-site, the general contractor or property owner could face third-party liability for failing to take adequate safety precautions. Alternatively, if defective machinery or a toxic substance caused the accident, a third-party lawsuit may be available against the manufacturer.

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Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services to injured workers. That means we will litigate not only your workers’ compensation claim but also any available lawsuits against third parties. By having the same law firm litigate both claims, you can ensure your compliance with legal requirements. One example is when your employer might be entitled to reimbursement from the proceeds of a third-party lawsuit.

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