How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability?

After you file an application for SSDI benefits, it will usually take about three to five months for Social Security to process your application and for you to find out if your application has been approved or denied. However, it can sometimes take longer.

If your application is denied, we can file an appeal for you. There are four levels of appeal. The first is reconsideration. If your reconsideration is denied, you can have a hearing before an administrative law judge. If you lose that hearing, you can request an Appeals Council review. If the Council does not approve your benefits, you can have a review in Federal Court. Each of these levels of appeal adds more time to the process.

One of our experienced Social Security disability attorneys can help streamline the process so that it goes as quickly as possible. If you file an application or an appeal on your own, it could take extra time. You might forget to submit required information or documents and have to do that later. When you have experienced legal help, your attorney can help you avoid delays because he or she will know what to do to fulfill Social Security’s complicated requirements.

Our attorneys will also increase your chances of winning your case at an earlier stage than if you did it on your own. If you are approved after your initial application or at an early stage of appeals, you will the save significant time by not having to go through the later stages.

Terry Katz, Esq.
Terry Katz, Esq., the founding Member of the firm, handles all aspects of Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability cases.

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