Is Juvenile Arthritis A Disability?


Can You Get Disability For Arthritis?

Did you know that juvenile arthritis is just one of "more than 100 different diseases or conditions" that make up the family of musculoskeletal disorders? According to the Arthritis Foundation, juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the joints and typically occurs in children age 16 and younger.With autoimmune disorders like juvenile arthritis, inflammation can cause dysfunction in body tissues that result in swelling and oftentimes pain that can limit mobility. Constant or recurring pain can be draining on individuals, oftentimes affecting sleep behaviors, and mood over time.

This can turn everyday tasks into challenges that can leave a person feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their condition.For the parents of children with juvenile arthritis, the need to help their children is strong. They oftentimes wish they could simply make their child's condition go away or wonder what they can do to help. Because of the cost of treatment, a lot of parents also have questions about paying for medication and doctor visits.

Two questions that come up frequently are:

  • Can you get social security disability for arthritis?
  • Is Arthritis A Disability?

The answer to these questions depends on a number of factors. As you may already know, Social Security Disability Insurance looks at a person's work history, which is something children typically don't have. This makes them ineligible for SSDI. But because Supplemental Security Income does not require a work history, children who have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis may be eligible for these benefits.

Receiving benefits is contingent on several factors though, the first being whether or not the child's condition qualifies as a disability under the Social Security Administration's definition. The age of the child, the impact the condition is having on the child's life, and the income of the child's parents will also be considered.

Even though SSA acknowledges juvenile arthritis as a disability, a person still needs to apply for benefits. But because of specific requirements and the complexity of the law, the process of applying for benefits can be just as frustrating as dealing with the condition itself. That's why it's important for our readers to remember to tap into resources like a skilled arthritis disability attorney because they can help decrease some of this frustration and get you closer to the benefits you deserve.

Is Arthritis A Disability?

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