Denied Social Security Disability Now What?

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Don’t get discouraged if your claim was denied. As many as three-quarters of SSDI benefit applications are denied when they are first filed. If your application was denied, you have a legal right to file an appeal. This is usually a good idea. Many applications that are denied the first time they are filed are approved after an appeal.

The appeal process is complicated, and an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can be a big help. At Terry Katz & Associates, we guide you through the appeals process every step of the way. We help you —

  • Get all the information that you need to include with your appeal to make a strong case.
  • Help you get your medical records from all your doctors and from any clinics, hospitals, therapists, and any other medical providers you may have seen.
  • Arrange for any other testing you may need.
  • Prepare for your hearing with an administrative law judge.

We will come up with a strategy to present the strongest possible case, and we will represent you at your hearing.

It is very important that you file your appeal quickly. You must file a request in writing within 60 days from the time you get the letter from Social Security denying your application.

Terry Katz, Esq.

Terry Katz, Esq., the founding Member of the firm, handles all aspects of Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability cases.

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