Occupational Diseases

Some working conditions may cause injury only after extended exposure over time. These conditions may qualify as an occupational disease if they can be traced to your working conditions, rather than ordinary diseases to which the general public is exposed.

Occupational Diseases Are Compensable

New York law offers workers’ compensation benefits for occupational disease. However, workers often encounter obstacles with these claims. For starters, your employer may dispute causation, suggesting that nonwork factors contributed to your condition.

Special Time Limits Apply To Occupational Diseases

If you suspect you have an occupational disease or lifting injury, it is important to seek legal representation, even if you are still able to work. The time limit for filing a claim may be running, generally calculated as the later of two years from the diagnosis or the time you should have known the work-related nature of the condition. We will work to timely file your claim and prove the occupational nature of your condition.

Contact An Occupational Disease Attorney

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