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I’m So Lucky To Have Been Referred To Your Firm

Dear Mr. Katz, I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a great job on my case. Jenny Dilone, your paralegal, worked very hard. She was there for me anytime I called, and always returned calls. Jenny never stopped helping me, she was very professional, and you should be proud to have her on your staff. I also wanted to thank the lawyers who never gave up and fought hard for me to win my case. Thank you to paralegal Katie Morales, who called numerous times to help me with questions and allowing me to provide her the answers she needed to help fight for me. Thanks to Geri Wigand, your office manager whom I've met in the past, I know she runs a tight ship for you. She's a brilliant woman and always returned my calls with any questions I needed answered. Mr. Katz, I'm so lucky to have been referred to your firm a few years ago. You and everyone who has worked on my cases; from your lawyers to the office manager, paralegals, and your phone receptionist are the most professional people I have ever met. I would gladly refer anyone who needs help to your firm. Thank you again, Mr. Katz, for everything you have done for me! Again, a special thanks to paralegal Jenny Dilone. Best wishes to you and your firm, Scott B.

Thank You!

Dear Jesse, I would like to thank you for all the services that you've provided. You've handled my case with professionalism and care. You are client-centered, and you've walked me through this process as if this was you! You're a catalyst for change, and I appreciate it! - Anonymous

Just Two Small Words To Express So Much Gratitude… Thank You!

Dear Deliza, Thank you for being who you are. You've handled my Workers' Compensation case with professionalism to the end! Thanks A Bunch!

Truly Cares About Their Clients

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the greatest job done by you and your associates in seeing that justice was served on my case. Four years ago, when I was injured on the job, I initially had contacted another attorney who showed little interest in my case and stated I had little to no chance of winning. I was then referred to you and it was entirely different story. You took my case very seriously and told me "…don't worry we can win this"; to be perfectly honest I thought it would never happen. After each hearing, and there were many, you sat with me and explained exactly what went on and what the next step would be. We won every decision but never received any compensation due to every decision being appealed. I was beginning to lose faith, but you assured me not to worry. After four years, you proved yourself absolutely right. I was finally very happy to receive a very nice lump sum settlement. This would have never happened without the concern and professionalism of you and your staff. I just want to thank you again and to advise you that I would not hesitate to recommend Terry Katz & Associates to anybody looking for a law firm that is both professional and that truly cares about their clients. - Robert P.

Very Compassionate and Caring

I have been a client for 8 years and in the last 8 years, there have been many paralegals I have dealt with. Geri has been with you since October of 2014, aside from Francisco who has helped me through a lot along the way. Geri has been outstanding she is a woman of her word, gets back to me if she cannot she will email to let know she will call me tomorrow. I know that everybody is busy all the time, but as I have said in the past to you, "My ADHD fired all of your other clients in my head" Geri is also very compassionate and caring. She understands where I am and what I going through and have gone through. I hope that you see what a valuable employee she is to your firm and I thank you for hiring her and for putting Geri in my life so this can finally be out to an end.

Because They Care

This is the first time I have ever written a thank-you letter, because no one, nor company has ever deserved one. I recall walking into an office of strangers in plain and having no expectation that they could nor would be able to help. Well one hour later, I left there feeling like I belonged to a family who "had my back". Jenny would make sure that no one would call me, or bother me, she understood that "my plate was full" and the last thing I needed was to be harassed by the people from social security. She contacted all my doctors, wrote up all the reports, made all the phone calls and kept me appraised of every step. I can only say that if you choose to begin your case with Terry Katz and Associates, they will be like pit bulls and sink in their teeth so deep, and hang in there until they win your case for you, as they did mine. When Jenny got the ness that I won, she called me with the news, and the first thing she said to me was "congratulations." I said "are you kidding me, the congratulations goes to you, not to me" and her answer was that after all the years that she has been doing this, no one has ever said that to her. That's what I mean, they do this work because they care, they are out for your benefit and welfare. What a wonderful company, to deal with and I highly recommend them.

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