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I’m So Lucky To Have Been Referred To Your Firm

Dear Mr. Katz,

I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a great job on my case. Jenny Dilone, your paralegal, worked very hard. She was there for me anytime I called, and always returned calls. Jenny never stopped helping me, she was very professional, and you should be proud to have her on your staff.

I also wanted to thank the lawyers who never gave up and fought hard for me to win my case.

Thank you to paralegal Katie Morales, who called numerous times to help me with questions and allowing me to provide her the answers she needed to help fight for me.

Thanks to Geri Wigand, your office manager whom I’ve met in the past, I know she runs a tight ship for you. She’s a brilliant woman and always returned my calls with any questions I needed answered.

Mr. Katz, I’m so lucky to have been referred to your firm a few years ago. You and everyone who has worked on my cases; from your lawyers to the office manager, paralegals, and your phone receptionist are the most professional people I have ever met.

I would gladly refer anyone who needs help to your firm. Thank you again, Mr. Katz, for everything you have done for me! Again, a special thanks to paralegal Jenny Dilone.

Best wishes to you and your firm,
Scott B.

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