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Because They Care

This is the first time I have ever written a thank-you letter, because no one, nor company has ever deserved one.

I recall walking into an office of strangers in plain and having no expectation that they could nor would be able to help. Well one hour later, I left there feeling like I belonged to a family who “had my back”. Jenny would make sure that no one would call me, or bother me, she understood that “my plate was full” and the last thing I needed was to be harassed by the people from social security. She contacted all my doctors, wrote up all the reports, made all the phone calls and kept me appraised of every step.

I can only say that if you choose to begin your case with Terry Katz and Associates, they will be like pit bulls and sink in their teeth so deep, and hang in there until they win your case for you, as they did mine.

When Jenny got the ness that I won, she called me with the news, and the first thing she said to me was “congratulations.” I said “are you kidding me, the congratulations goes to you, not to me” and her answer was that after all the years that she has been doing this, no one has ever said that to her.

That’s what I mean, they do this work because they care, they are out for your benefit and welfare.

What a wonderful company, to deal with and I highly recommend them.

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