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Truly Cares About Their Clients

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the greatest job done by you and your associates in seeing that justice was served on my case. Four years ago, when I was injured on the job, I initially had contacted another attorney who showed little interest in my case and stated I had little to no chance of winning. I was then referred to you and it was entirely different story. You took my case very seriously and told me “…don’t worry we can win this”; to be perfectly honest I thought it would never happen. After each hearing, and there were many, you sat with me and explained exactly what went on and what the next step would be. We won every decision but never received any compensation due to every decision being appealed. I was beginning to lose faith, but you assured me not to worry. After four years, you proved yourself absolutely right. I was finally very happy to receive a very nice lump sum settlement.

This would have never happened without the concern and professionalism of you and your staff.

I just want to thank you again and to advise you that I would not hesitate to recommend Terry Katz & Associates to anybody looking for a law firm that is both professional and that truly cares about their clients.

– Robert P.

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