Why You Need An Workmen’s Compensation Attorney

People often wonder why they need an attorney to file a Workers’ Compensation claim in New York. After all, payment is mandated by state law. However, the Workers’ Compensation system is complex and recent changes have made it even more challenging. An experienced workman’s comp attorney can help you navigate through the claims process and improve your chances of obtaining maximum compensation for your work-related injury or illness. Even if you did not lose any time from work, you may still be entitled to monetary benefits and medical treatment if you suffered a work-related injury. If you suffered a work-related illness or was injured on the job in any way, no matter how small, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Contact Terry Katz & Associates, PC, online or call 888-488-7459 for a free initial consultation. Our New York workmen’s compensation attorneys are available to advise you of your legal rights.

Helping Thousands Of People Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits Since 1992

At Terry Katz & Associates, PC, our Long Island lawyers have been advocating for workers who were injured on the job or suffered work-related illnesses since 1992. Our New York attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the legal process and can explain your rights under New York’s Workers’ Compensation system. We aggressively pursue maximum compensation and seek other sources of payment such as Social Security Disability benefits and/or Personal Injury lawsuits.

Handling the Details of Your Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our New York workman’s compensation attorneys will manage your case from start to finish. We will ensure that your claim is correctly prepared and timely filed. When you hire Terry Katz & Associates, PC, to be your advocate, you can be confident that we will fight for you throughout the process by:

  • Explaining how to report a work-related injury
  • Evaluating your Workers’ Compensation claim and explaining your legal rights
  • Handling all hearings in your Workers’ Comp claim, at all steps of the litigation process
  • Ensuring that your benefits are accurately calculated
  • Negotiating a favorable lump-sum settlement offer with the insurance carrier
  • Explaining your entitlement to schedule loss of use (SLU) awards and fighting for the highest possible amount of compensation
  • Reopening old cases if you experience medical complications

This is just a small sample of the legal services we provide all of our clients. At Terry Katz & Associates, we understand the Workers’ Compensation claims process can be complicated. We know what your rights are and will protect you throughout the Workers’ Compensation claims process.

Perhaps you have already filed for Workers’ Compensation benefits on your own. If you are currently receiving wage-replacement benefits and medical treatment, you may think that you don’t need a workmen’s comp attorney to help you. However, while insurance carriers may provide you with the benefits you need initially without contest, often they resort to contesting workman’s comp claims, reducing your benefits, denying your necessary medical treatment, and generally minimizing compensation for your claim. Entrust Terry Katz & Associates throughout the legal process to protect your rights.

Contact Our Work Mens Comp Lawyer Today

If you were hurt on the job or have developed a work-related illness, contact us online or call 888-488-7459 for a free initial consultation. We can quickly evaluate your case, explain your options and fight for maximum compensation for your job-related injury or illness.

Will you be out of work for more than six months due to illness or an injury? We can explore your rights about filing a Social Security Disability claim.