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Schedule Loss Of Use

The challenge of a workers’ compensation dispute is that it must use the law to classify medical conditions. An injured worker may have doctors testify on his or her behalf, but those health professionals are not allowed to offer their opinion on the impact to the workers’ wage earning capacity. Medical testimony is limited to the worker’s functional abilities, and it is up to the judge to determine whether the worker is entitled to the requested legal relief.

Schedule Awards

Awards designed to compensate an injured worker with residual permanent physical and functional impairments are further categorized as schedule and non-schedule. Schedule loss of use awards are for certain impairment of the extremities, as well as vision and hearing loss and facial disfigurement.

Non-schedule Awards

Non-schedule awards are for all other permanent impairments, including conditions affecting the extremities not covered by a schedule. For example, non-schedule awards may cover chronic painful conditions affecting the extremities, spinal conditions, painful joint conditions and tumors.

We Bridge The Gulf Between Medical Evidence and The Law

If these legal classifications seem complex, you are not alone. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits can be a complicated legal process. That is why an injured worker needs the advocacy of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Medical evidence may describe a worker’s maximum medical improvement and inability to perform certain job functions, but a lawyer must translate that evidence into a persuasive legal argument for loss of wage earning capacity.

Get Answers To Your Questions About Your Permanent Injury

If you are not able to earn the same wages you did before you were injured, you need to explore your options with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney. Schedule your free initial consultation today with the law offices of Terry Katz & Associates, PC. You may contact us online or by calling 888-488-7459.



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