Attorney Fees Charged in Social Security Disability Cases

Worried About Paying a Lawyer for Your SSD Claim?

Many people hesitate to file Social Security Disability (SSD) claims or appeals, even if they believe their cases are valid, because they think they cannot afford a lawyer.

Fees Are Governed By Law

At Terry Katz & Associates, PC, we talk with many people who wonder how they will be able to afford to hire us. The good news is that attorneys fees for filing an SSD claim are contingent-based and are paid directly from your past-due benefits if your claim is granted. This means that you pay nothing upfront and should never have to write us a check. Our fee is governed by law and we only get paid if your claim is successful. And if your claim is not successful, you owe us nothing.

SSD Representation With A Personal Touch

By law, our fee is limited to 25 percent of your previously unpaid benefits. The fee is capped, although it is adjusted periodically for inflation. This means we cannot keep raising our fee — even if your award is large.

You Can Afford An Attorney

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. If we take your case and obtain the benefits for which you are eligible, Social Security will directly pay our fee out of your past-due money — you do not need to worry about paying us. This means there is no reason to hesitate to call an experienced attorney for your SSD claim or appeal. You owe it to yourself to get experienced and aggressive legal representation; our lawyers have an outstanding track record and will fight for the benefits you deserve.

Questions About Fees? Call Us.

You can afford a lawyer for your SSD claim or appeal. Contact Terry Katz & Associates, PC, in Westbury, New York. Call us at 888-488-7459 to get started. Schedule your free initial consultation today.