What could cause your SSD benefits to stop?

  Terry Katz & Associates  |  April 14, 2017  | Last modified on October 17th, 2018 | 

For those suffering a disability due to an illness or injury, it can be a long road to receive Social Security disability benefits. And after waiting much time, some applicants in New York receive positive news that their application has been approved. He or she is finally receiving the SSD benefits they require to meet their basic needs. While this is good news, these payments are not always guaranteed to last. In fact, certain situations and factors could cause these benefits to stop.

What could cause your SSD benefits to stop? The Social Security Administration could determine that a recipient is no longer disabled and stop benefits for two reasons. First, if a recipient’s work level is considered to be substantial, the SSA will stop benefits. On average, if you are earning $1,130 or more a month, it is considered to be substantial.

The SSA will also stop benefits if it is determined that a recipient’s medical condition has improved, meaning that they are no longer disabled based on the definition of the term. Applicants are required to promptly inform the SSA of any improvements of their condition or if they are returning to work. Additionally, they are responsible to report other important details and events to the SSA so long as they are receiving disability benefits.

It can be difficult hearing that you are no longer able to receive SSD benefits; however, if a recipient has returned to work, this likely means that they no longer need the financial support to meet their basic needs. However, if SSD benefits have stopped because the SSA believes that a recipient is no longer disabled and a recipient believes this is not true, he or she has options. It is possible to have this decision reviewed or take other steps to continue receiving SSD benefits.

Source: Ssa.gov, “Disability Planner: What Can Cause Benefits To Stop?” accessed April 9, 2017

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