Understanding the process is crucial for disability applicants

  Terry Katz & Associates  |  June 2, 2016  | Last modified on October 17th, 2018 | 

As you may already know, the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits may be a long and potentially tedious process. It may seem confusing or overwhelming to an applicant who is already suffering from a disability that prohibits him or her from working. That is why it is important to know what to expect and what is needed as you begin the application process.

When you are ready to apply, you will need, at minimum, a list of information and documentation including, but not necessarily limited to your Social Security number, medical documentation including contact information for doctors and hospitals and treatment centers which have cared for you, information regarding your current medications, test and laboratory results related to your condition, information regarding your previous work experience as well as your last W-2 and tax return.

With regards to your previous work record, it is important to understand what the Social Security Administration is looking for and what is expected from you. There are two “tests” one must pass to be considered for Social Security disability benefits, which takes both one’s age as well as work history into consideration. For Social Security disability insurance, if you are over 31, you must have worked at least five of the previous 10 years before becoming disabled. In addition, a victim’s duration of work is considered.

If you are confused about whether you qualify, you may want to speak with a firm familiar with Social Security disability benefits. They will review your work experience and disability, and show you how to proceed and begin the application process.

Source: The Motley Fool, “What Benefits Do You Get From Social Security Disability?” Matthew Frankel, May 22, 2016

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