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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Helping you collect the SSD benefits you are entitled to

No one expects to suffer an injury due to a serious accident. But, too many Americans find themselves in this predicament each year. And, due to a serious accident, a victim might be living with a disabling condition, preventing that person from returning to normal life. Even more so, the injured victim may be unable to return to a job or maintain gainful employment. Such a situation can be extremely detrimental, making it nearly impossible to cover medical expenses and the cost of living.

Summer and fall travel increases auto accident injuries

It's not uncommon for families to hit the road during the summer months for a family vacation. Whether you're heading into the woods or out to the beach, it is important to drive safely. With automobile accidents common due to distracted driving, which include texting while driving, many accident victims are left with serious injuries. Injuries such as spinal or neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries can lead to significant or even life-long disabilities.

Social Security assistance may help disabled children

Many people who hear the words "Social Security" immediately think of the retirement benefits that Americans are entitled to after paying into the system after a lifetime of work to supplement their retirement. Millions of Americans, however, also rely on the administration's Social Security Disability Insurance program, or SSDI, and the Supplemental Security Income program, or SSI, for financial help if they are unable to work.

Warmer weather leads to increase in child sports injuries

Summer is nearly upon us, and with it comes an increase in sports-related injuries. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, over 30 million children and teens participate in organized sports. Among these children, there are over 3.5 million injuries this year, some of which can be serious or even deadly.

Snapchat, driver sued for brain injury

In a story that made the news in New York, a Georgia teenager and the social media company that created the Snapchat app are being sued following a horrific accident that left one victim with a severe traumatic brain injury. The accident and subsequent lawsuit once again puts distracted driving in the spotlight, an epidemic across the country involving drivers who are texting or checking their smartphones while driving, leading to serious injuries and sometimes death, when the distracted driving leads to an accident.

Maze Runner actor returns to work after injury on set

Many New Yorkers are familiar with the popular "Maze Runner" film series, which is currently filming "The Death Cure." Production has been delayed, however, after the film's star, actor Dylan O'Brian, was injured on the set. It was initially reported that the actor was struck by a car, but later reports stated that he fell off a set.

As we spring approaches, disabling injuries rise in New York

March marks the end of winter and the start of spring. As the snow melts through parts of the United States, the ground thaws and flowers, trees and grass start to grow once again. Americans will also start to become more active with outdoor activities, so disabling injuries rise as well.


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