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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives


As a previous post discussed, there are government programs like disability that could benefit those that are suffering from serious and terminal illnesses. The Social Security Administration (SSA) devised the Compassionate Allowance program so those diagnosed with a severe or terminal illness could quickly get the benefits he or she needs. But in order to enjoy the benefits of the program, applicants in New York and elsewhere should understand the process and what qualifies them for this program.

Issues with the SSA's Compassionate Allowance program

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is shocking, emotional and life altering. No one expects such a diagnosis, whether they are young or old, and many questions arise when such a diagnosis is made. Can they beat the odds and survive it? What treatments are involved? How will treatments impact my health and ability to enjoy life? Can I afford these treatments? How will this disease impact my loved ones and ability to support them and myself? The answer to some of these questions may be to seek out assistance from the Social Security Administration.

Obtaining SSD benefits for children with cancer

Being diagnosed with a serious disease is a difficult event to process. This is especially true for parents in New York who just found out that their child has cancer. Many thoughts begin to form, concerns emerge and heavy emotions begin to appear. Parents are not only dealing with news that is difficult to digest, they are also calculating the costs associated with medical treatment and care.

Saving options for those receiving SSD benefits

Being born with a medical condition or acquiring an illness later in life can make it difficult to maintain a normal life. This is because some illnesses and medical conditions are disabling, which can make it challenging to obtain and maintain a job. Such a situation can make it impossible for people with a disability meet his or her basic needs. In these matters, Social Security often becomes imperative.

Obtaining SSD benefits for a blood disease

Living with certain medical disorders can be challenging. Specific life events could worsen the condition, or certain activities could aggravate the illness even further. Living with a blood disease can be challenging for some New York residents; however, individuals with such a disorder should understand that they have options and resources available to them.

Helping you navigate the SSD process for chronic illnesses

No one expects to develop a serious illness; however, this unfortunate event is experienced by residents in New York and other states across the nation. Hearing a difficult diagnosis can be life changing. Whether a chronic illness is work related or not, living with a serous medical condition can make it challenging to navigate life. A sufferer may no longer be able to maintain their normal routine, care for him or herself or even keep a job.

Those with a rare illness may apply for disability benefits

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is always emotionally devastating, but that may be especially true when the illness is a rare one. Treating rare illnesses can be expensive and others may have a hard time understanding the illness. Having the right support system is important for one's well-being, but a person in New York with a rare illness may also need financial help, particularly if their illness is debilitating enough to keep them from being able to work.

What are the signs of a stroke?

Many of us have family members or know someone who has been the victim of a stroke. A stroke occurs when a portion of the brain is blocked from obtaining the necessary blood to properly function. A stroke may also occur if bleeding in the brain begins damaging brain cells. This loss of oxygen to the brain will ultimately start damaging brain cells, which could lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

Singer Toni Braxton hospitalized after lupus flare-up

Lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disease that targets a group of organs, cells and tissue that protect the body from infection. It is a chronic disorder that may last as long as several months. Unfortunately, residents in New York and elsewhere suffer from this illness, making it challenging to work and even live a normal life.


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