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Social Security Administration News Archives

Hiring freeze impacting the SSD benefits application process

Most New York residents are aware of the application process individuals must go through in order to obtain Social Security disability benefits. Even though an applicant can expect to go through a lengthy and difficult process, he or she will still take the time to apply for these benefits because they are seeking payments that are necessary. Nonetheless, the backlog that continues to build up causes a growing number of applicants to wait a significant amount of time for SSD benefits they are still unsure if they qualify for.

Social Security blog releases stats on disability insurance

The Social Security Administration over the past few years has taken additional action to reach out to Americans and keep them informed of the services that the administration has to offer. They have an active Twitter account and Facebook page, and they offer additional updates and information through their blog, Social Security Matters. With recent discussion about the finances in the political realm during the presidential election and how President elect Donald Trump and his administration will affect the dozens of departments and administrations during his time as President, the Social Security Administration's recent release of statistics comes as a welcome surprise. The statistics which show the worth and value the administration has on millions of Americans are worth sharing.

Social Security Administration talks about 9/11 aid relief

Last week the nation mourned and paid respects to the thousands who were lost on September 11, 2001. Some find it hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since the tragic events of that day. But to the thousands of police, firefighters, emergency response workers, and family, friends and coworkers who were severely injured on that day, every day can be a painful reminder.

Social Security Administration reminds us about benefits

You only live once or YOLO, which is a common acronym used by millennials to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, in life accidents do happen, preventing some New York residents from living his or her life to the fullest. Whether it is a slip and fall or a serious car accident, one can never know when an accident can occur. The same can be said for one's health. Illness and sicknesses can come without warning, and medical or health conditions can serious impact all facets of one's life, including the ability to work.

Social Security reminds Americans applications can be appealed

As the Social Security Administration continues to keep up with new technology and address how Americans conduct business, they recently announced that the appeal process may be processed online. Earlier this year, the SSA revealed a new blog and has become more active with social media, including active accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and additional features and options to conduct interactions with the administration online.

Social Security Administration emphasizes diversity

With the beginning of June meaning the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday honoring the first revelation of the Quran, the Social Security Administration is reminding all Americans of the importance of diversity and the Administration's role in making certain that all Americans are treated fairly and equally.

Social Security Administration addresses its disability backlog

The Social Security Administration is in the news again, and this time for the wrong reasons. There is a significant backlog of applicants waiting for decisions from the administration as to the status of their applications. The SSA is acknowledging the problem and vowing to correct it.


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