New allowances in Social Security disability benefits for illness

  Terry Katz & Associates  |  June 26, 2012  | Last modified on October 17th, 2018 | 

No one enjoys excessive paperwork or long waiting times for responses. For Americans who need to apply for Social Security disability benefits for illness, waiting is usually the hardest part. Many have already experienced a great deal of stress, both emotionally and financially, as they struggled with injury, illness and the resulting barrage of doctor appointments. Factor in the uncertainty that their application will even be accepted, and you have a very frustrating waiting period for New York residents.

Help may be on the way for some of those applicants. The Social Security Administration recently announced 52 new medical conditions that have been added to the list of compassionate allowances. These are conditions that have well-documented medical severity and are on the list as a way to speed up the approval process for applicants who suffer from the maladies.

Some of the newly added conditions include certain types of cancers, neurological disorders, and rare diseases. The additions bring the total number of compassionate allowances to 165. The commissioner of Social Security says that the agency approved 61,000 compassionate allowance applications in the most recent fiscal year.

The list of compassionate allowances is developed through a cooperative effort between the medical community, the National Institutes of Health and public outreach efforts. Social Security also encourages input from the larger disability community. As medical advances broaden our understanding and diagnosis of other conditions that warrant inclusion, it’s possible that even more applicants in New York and elsewhere could find themselves on the fast track to receiving Social Security disability benefits for illness.

Source:, “New Social Security allowances mean faster decisions for disabled,” Ken Hess, June 22, 2012

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