How Social Security Disability can help injured or ill Americans

  Terry Katz & Associates  |  November 23, 2016  | Last modified on October 17th, 2018 | 

As the United States begins to settle down following a presidential election that seemed to take televisions and social media hostage, it may be time to reflect on the privileges and services that are provided to Americans across the land, including by the Social Security Administration, or SSA. Social Security was initially developed in the 1930’s following the Great Depression as a means of protecting Americans in need.

Through the Social Security Administration’s evolution over the decades, one of its most import services is the Social Security Disability benefits programs. Another important program is Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI. The SSD benefits program is designed to take in an employee’s contributions through employment taxes and offer it back to a worker in the event of a health factor that leaves an employee unable to work. The SSI program is geared for Americans have limited financial resources.

However, the Social Security Disability program is not for just anyone who is hurt or ill. There are certain levels of an injury, illness or mental condition that are necessary to qualify. The process is not necessarily easy to navigate, especially for someone suffering from a disability.

At our law firm, we attempt to help residents of the New York City and tri-state area navigate through the Social Security Disability process. Our law firm attempts to help our clients through every step of the way, whether you are determining if you qualify, the initial application process including gathering all the information to prove your disability and the appeal process if you have already applied and were initially rejected.

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