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  Terry Katz & Associates  |  June 6, 2017  | Last modified on October 17th, 2018 | 

Whether it is early in life or during adulthood, receiving a diagnosis of a mental disorder is never easy for the individual and their loved ones. In some cases, such a diagnosis represents a better understanding of a person’s limitations and struggles to live a normal life. For some residents in New York and other states, a mental condition means a disabling condition that makes it difficult to work or even perform basic life functions.

Mental disorders are sometimes stigmatized and are often misunderstood. This can sometimes make it difficult for outsiders to understand all the pain and suffering a person is going through because of a mental condition.

While they might not be visible to the outside world, mental conditions are still a recognized disability. At Terry Katz & Associates, P.C., our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping those with mental conditions recover the Social Security Disability benefits that they deserve.

In order to apply for SSD benefits, an applicant does not need to suffer an injury or illness in the workplace. Nonetheless, in order to be eligible for SSDI, an applicant must have earned enough work credits. If this is not the case, applicants still have other SSD programs available. SSI is available for those who do not qualify for SSDI, meet the requirements for the disability he or she is applying for and has documentation that they have limited income and resources.

An individual might be unable to work because of a mental condition. This can place huge constraints on a person’s income. Additionally, this has an impact of his or her ability to meet their basic needs or even obtain necessary medical care. This is where SSD benefits can make a difference, and our law firm is available to help you from the very start of the process until the very end of it.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s SSD benefits for mental conditions webpage. Whether it is your initial application, you are filing for reconsideration or you seek to make an appeal, it is important to understand the process and the rights afforded to applicants.

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