New York Jets quarterback suffers season-ending ACL injury

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Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

For decades, Social Security disability has helped Americans

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, creating the Social Security Board. The agency got a name change to the Social Security Administration with the Reorganization Plan of 1946, establishing four program bureaus in 1965, This included a Disability Insurance program, established Supplemental Security Income or SSI in 1973…

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Summer and fall travel increases auto accident injuries

It’s not uncommon for families to hit the road during the summer months for a family vacation. Whether you’re heading into the woods or out to the beach, it is important to drive safely. With automobile accidents common due to distracted driving, which include texting while driving, many accident victims are left with serious injuries.…

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Snapchat, driver sued for brain injury

In a story that made the news in New York, a Georgia teenager and the social media company that created the Snapchat app is being sued following a horrific accident that left one victim with a severe traumatic brain injury. The accident and subsequent lawsuit once again put distracted driving in the spotlight, an epidemic…

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Maze Runner actor returns to work after injury on set

Many New Yorkers are familiar with the popular “Maze Runner” film series, which is currently filming “The Death Cure.” Production has been delayed, however, after the film’s star, actor Dylan O’Brian, was injured on the set. It was initially reported that the actor was struck by a car, but later reports stated that he fell…

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How a spinal cord injury affects a victim

A spinal cord injury occurs when vertebrae of the spine are fractured or dislocated due to a traumatic blow or impact. Typically, disc material, bone fragments or ligaments tear or bruise spinal cord tissue. The vertebrae destroy or crush extensions of nerve cells that carry signals from the brain to the rest of the body,…

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