Audit shows 36,000 people got more in SSD than they should have

  Terry Katz & Associates  |  September 17, 2013  | Last modified on January 2nd, 2019 | 

People in New York who receive Social Security Disability payments know how important they are for ensuring they can make ends meet. Many people in our state rely on these payments, which is why it is so important that the Social Security Administration does everything it can to make sure the right people are getting benefits.

It is no secret that Social Security is facing financial difficulties. The disability insurance trust fund is only a few years from running dry unless lawmakers find a way to keep it solvent. In times like these, the SSA and recipients of Social Security disability benefits cannot afford to make costly mistakes. Unfortunately, a recent audit found that the SSA may be overpaying disability benefits to tens of thousands of people.

Last week, the Governmental Accountability Office determined that the Social Security Administration may have paid $1.3 billion more than it should have to thousands of disability beneficiaries. Auditors estimated that 36,000 people received more money than they should have.

Although these numbers represent only 1 percent of the number of recipients and less than 1 percent of the payments sent to disability insurance beneficiaries, they represent a deeper problem with the SSA. At a time when money is scarce and those who truly need benefits are being threatened by the possibility of lower payments, the SSA cannot afford to make costly mistakes like these. Hopefully, administrators will find a way to make sure that only the people who are truly qualified receive disability payments.

Source: The Washington Post, “Auditors: Social Security may have overpaid disability claims by $1.3 billion,” Josh Hicks, Sept. 17, 2013

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