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As a previous post discussed, there are government programs like disability that could benefit those that are suffering from serious and terminal illnesses. The Social Security Administration (SSA) devised the Compassionate Allowance program so those diagnosed with a severe or terminal illness could quickly get the benefits he or she needs. But in order to enjoy the benefits of the program, applicants in New York and elsewhere should understand the process and what qualifies them for this program.

Because the SSA has an obligation to provide benefits to those suffering from disabling illnesses and conditions as quickly as possible, the Compassionate Allowance program was designed to make this process even quicker for those suffering from a medical condition that is so serious that he or she obviously meets the disability standards set by the SSA.

The Compassionate Allowance program operates on a list of qualifying conditions. This list is based on the conditions that are selected by using information from public outreach hearings, comments received from the Social Security and Disability Determination Services communities, from the opinions of medical and scientific experts and from the research conducted with the National Institutes of Health.

If an individual has a disease or medical condition on this list, he or she is quickly qualified for the program. Additionally, applicants for this program only need to provide minimal objective medical information. This makes the application process quickly, allowing for approval to occur much sooner when compared to other applicants that are not applying for the compassionate allowance program.

Being diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness is a difficult event to process; however, those facing such gruesome news should understand that they could qualify for benefits. While this cannot change their medical condition, these benefits could assist individuals with medical bills and their cost of living while he or she is seeking medical treatment.

Source: Ssa.gov, "Compassionate Allowances," accessed June 24, 2017

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