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As a previous post discussed, there are government programs like disability that could benefit those that are suffering from serious and terminal illnesses. The Social Security Administration (SSA) devised the Compassionate Allowance program so those diagnosed with a severe or terminal illness could quickly get the benefits he or she needs. But in order to enjoy the benefits of the program, applicants in New York and elsewhere should understand the process and what qualifies them for this program.

Issues with the SSA's Compassionate Allowance program

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is shocking, emotional and life altering. No one expects such a diagnosis, whether they are young or old, and many questions arise when such a diagnosis is made. Can they beat the odds and survive it? What treatments are involved? How will treatments impact my health and ability to enjoy life? Can I afford these treatments? How will this disease impact my loved ones and ability to support them and myself? The answer to some of these questions may be to seek out assistance from the Social Security Administration.

What information is necessary in a SSD application?

When individuals in New York are suffering from a disability, they will seek to understand their options in the matter. Whether they were born with a disability or acquired one later in life due to an injury or illness, it is possible to utilize federal programs designed to help those living with disabilities. Nonetheless, many applicants are apprehensive about the process, hearing that it is lengthy, complex and likely to result in a denial. While many initial applicants are denied, this should not deter an applicant from sending in an application. By understanding what documents and information are required, and applicant could be better prepared to file a successful application or appeal.

Disability and qualifying for earned income tax credits

When individuals in New York and elsewhere are living with a disability due to an injury, illness or mental condition, it can be difficult. A disability could make it challenging to obtain and maintain gainful employment; thus, causing financial problems. In addition to applying for SSD benefits through the Social Security Administration, it is important that applicants consider other benefits and claims they might have for living with a debilitating injury, illness or condition.

Helping you apply for SSD benefits for a mental condition

Whether it is early in life or during adulthood, receiving a diagnosis of a mental disorder is never easy for the individual and their loved ones. In some cases, such a diagnosis represents a better understanding of a person's limitations and struggles to live a normal life. For some residents in New York and other states, a mental condition means a disabling condition that makes it difficult to work or even perform basic life functions.


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