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What is considered substantial gainful activity?

Living with a disability can be very challenging and overwhelming for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one later in life due to an injury or illness, there are options available for those living with disabilities that are unable to work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has established programs that are designed for those living with disabilities, with the goal being to assist those with limited income and resources.

Obtaining SSD benefits for children with cancer

Being diagnosed with a serious disease is a difficult event to process. This is especially true for parents in New York who just found out that their child has cancer. Many thoughts begin to form, concerns emerge and heavy emotions begin to appear. Parents are not only dealing with news that is difficult to digest, they are also calculating the costs associated with medical treatment and care.

Saving options for those receiving SSD benefits

Being born with a medical condition or acquiring an illness later in life can make it difficult to maintain a normal life. This is because some illnesses and medical conditions are disabling, which can make it challenging to obtain and maintain a job. Such a situation can make it impossible for people with a disability meet his or her basic needs. In these matters, Social Security often becomes imperative.

How does one qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

No one expect to suffer a disabling injury or health condition. Nonetheless, numerous residents in New York and other sates across the nation suffer from disabilities. While some incidents cause an individual to suffer a short-term disability, others suffer long-term or permanent disabilities. No matter the severity of the condition or injury, if an individual is unable to work in the long term because of a disability, it is important to explore his or her rights and options.


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