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March 2017 Archives

Hiring freeze impacting the SSD benefits application process

Most New York residents are aware of the application process individuals must go through in order to obtain Social Security disability benefits. Even though an applicant can expect to go through a lengthy and difficult process, he or she will still take the time to apply for these benefits because they are seeking payments that are necessary. Nonetheless, the backlog that continues to build up causes a growing number of applicants to wait a significant amount of time for SSD benefits they are still unsure if they qualify for.

Does returning to work impact workers' compensation benefits?

Suffering an injury in a workplace accident is usually an unexpected incident. While most employees are aware of the potential dangers in the work environment, not all risks are obvious and apparent. Thus, employers are often expected to provide safety equipment and training to help prevent potential accidents in the workplace. Nonetheless, these incidents still occur, causing the need for injured workers to take time off from work to recover.

Obtaining the workers' compensation benefits you need

Being injured on the job is often an unexpected event. This type of incident not only catches a worker off guard, but it could also cause the injured worker to miss a huge chunk of work while recovering from the injury. This could make it difficult to cover medical expenses and even pay the bills while experiencing lost wages. In these matters, applying for workers' compensation benefits can make a world of a difference for New York residents.

Helping you collect the SSD benefits you are entitled to

No one expects to suffer an injury due to a serious accident. But, too many Americans find themselves in this predicament each year. And, due to a serious accident, a victim might be living with a disabling condition, preventing that person from returning to normal life. Even more so, the injured victim may be unable to return to a job or maintain gainful employment. Such a situation can be extremely detrimental, making it nearly impossible to cover medical expenses and the cost of living.

Those with a rare illness may apply for disability benefits

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is always emotionally devastating, but that may be especially true when the illness is a rare one. Treating rare illnesses can be expensive and others may have a hard time understanding the illness. Having the right support system is important for one's well-being, but a person in New York with a rare illness may also need financial help, particularly if their illness is debilitating enough to keep them from being able to work.


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