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Singer Toni Braxton hospitalized after lupus flare-up

Lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disease that targets a group of organs, cells and tissue that protect the body from infection. It is a chronic disorder that may last as long as several months. Unfortunately, residents in New York and elsewhere suffer from this illness, making it challenging to work and even live a normal life.

According to recent reports, acclaimed singer Toni Braxton's representative made a statement last week regarding her health and recent stay at a hospital involving her battle with Lupus. Thankfully, it appears she is back home, resting and will be fine, according to the statement. This was not the first time in the hospital for Braxton; she was also in the hospital in 2012 under similar circumstances.

The 48-year-old revealed in an interview in 2010 of her battle with Lupus. In her 2014 memoir, she details the battle, stating that at times she can do nothing but stay in bed, adding that it feels like every day she has the flu. She also acknowledged that her uncle had died from the disease.

Traditional symptoms include joint pain and stiffness, fever, muscle pain, fatigue and sores and rashes. Flare-ups or an increase in severity of the symptoms may seriously affect a person's ability to live a normal lifestyle and may, as in Braxton's case, lead to a hospital stay to help deal with the symptoms.

Lupus is among the disabling diseases covered by Social Security Disability. If you or someone you know is suffering from Lupus and is unable to work, you may want to consider seeking Social Security disability benefits to help cover the loss of income and expenses necessary to treat and live with the disease.

Source: Rolling Stone, "Toni Braxton Released From Hospital After Lupus Flare-Up," Daniel Kreps, Oct. 3, 2016

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