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July 2016 Archives

Dangers of cancer from alcohol consumption

Throughout the United States and throughout the world, the consumption of alcohol is a common practice among adults. Some like to unwind after a long day's work with a few beers at happy hour, others like to enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner each night and others reserve their alcoholic consumption to special events like parties or barbeques. While it has been noted in the past that low quantities of alcohol does have some health benefits, new research findings may put a dark cloud of many people's happy hour.

Social Security reminds Americans applications can be appealed

As the Social Security Administration continues to keep up with new technology and address how Americans conduct business, they recently announced that the appeal process may be processed online. Earlier this year, the SSA revealed a new blog and has become more active with social media, including active accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and additional features and options to conduct interactions with the administration online.

Using Supplemental Security Income for the self-employed

Those who are disabled or blind and fall under certain income criteria are eligible for the Social Security Administration's Supplemental Security Income program. The program is also available for those who have not paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance program, as well as children who are disabled. Social Security has a program called the "Plan for Achieving Self-Support," or PASS.

Substance abuse may qualify for disability benefits?

Millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse problems. While many are able to live a productive life, for some, substance abuse can lead to the destruction of one's family, an inability to keep a job and in the case of overdoses, death.

Social Security assistance may help disabled children

Many people who hear the words "Social Security" immediately think of the retirement benefits that Americans are entitled to after paying into the system after a lifetime of work to supplement their retirement. Millions of Americans, however, also rely on the administration's Social Security Disability Insurance program, or SSDI, and the Supplemental Security Income program, or SSI, for financial help if they are unable to work.


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