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June 2015 Archives

Preparing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

In a previous post we discussed the criteria necessary to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. If you are unable work due to your disability and your disability is expected to last a year or lead to death, you may qualify to receive SSD benefits.

How can you receive Social Security Disability benefits?

Whether it is due to an injury, illness or mental condition, there are many forms of disabilities that may allow you to receive Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, known as SSI. However, proving the disability with the Social Security Administration to receive benefits is not an easy process, as is evident by the majority of claims being denied initially.

Going digital: SSA's answer to its turbulent future

Although both the disability trust and the old age trust serve different subsets of the population, both are scheduled to run out if Congress does not take action soon. For the old age fund, that deadline is still a ways out. It's not scheduled to run out until 2037. But for beneficiaries of the Social Security Administration's disability fund, time is quickly running out. As we have reported before on this blog, this fund is expected to run out sometime in 2016, which will have a huge impact on beneficiaries.

Lying on an SSD application is never a good idea

Most people know that if a condition from the Compassionate Allowances list appears on an application for disability benefits, then the application is more likely to be approved. That's because the conditions on the Compassionate Allowances list have already been vetted by the Social Security Administration, meaning an application could be fast tracked through the process.


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