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May 2015 Archives

How musculoskeletal injuries can lead to disability benefits

If you're a regular follower of our blog and have read some of our pieces on repetitive stress injuries, then you know that constant strain on your joints, tendons and muscles can eventually lead to injuries that if left untreated, can leave a person disabled physically. This is oftentimes why manual labor jobs are so concerned with teaching workers about ergonomics and overall safety.

Is merging Social Security disability and retirement a good idea?

Most disability beneficiaries here in New York know by now that if Congress doesn't take action now, the disability trust fund will run out sometime in 2016. This depletion of funds will result in a considerable cut to benefits for millions of Americans, which will put even more of a financial strain on individuals who are unable to work.

Are people with Alzheimer's eligible for disability benefits?

Many people consider Alzheimer's to be a debilitating disease because it can result in a number of conditions that can significantly impact a person's life. From memory issues to changes in behavior and personality, Alzheimer's oftentimes necessitates the need for long-term care, which can be problematic financially for some.

Being declared dead by SSA is inconvenient and problematic

There's a scene from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" in which an old man, having been slung over the shoulder of another man, cries out, "I'm not dead yet!" Most people who have seen this part of the movie laugh because it should be obvious to anyone that the man is clearly alive -- moving, talking and even ready to "go for a walk."


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