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January 2015 Archives

Do vaccines cause autism? Scientists say no

In 1998, a study was published in the journal Lancet that claimed to have found a link between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. Naturally, the link between a potentially life-saving vaccine and a sometimes debilitating condition left many parents the world over in a panic. Some even refused to get their children vaccinated for fear of triggering autism and leaving their child potentially disabled for life.

What exactly is rheumatoid arthritis?

There are many different varieties of arthritis. This can sometimes lead to some confusion regarding what a given form of arthritis actually consists of. Today, we will discuss the specifics of one of the types of arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis. 

A deeper look at schizophrenia and your eligibility for benefits

Back in September, we spoke with our readers about the fact that people who have mental conditions have just as much of a right to Social Security disability benefits as those who have physical conditions. Even though they are more difficult to document -- or see for that matter -- this does not mean that they are any less disabling than physical conditions.

The process that the SSA uses to determine disability

The Social Security system can be extremely complicated for people navigating it for the first time. Further, the Social Security Administration can be quite intimidating to individuals who are just trying to apply for benefits they may desperately need. 

Sedative helps patient speak after suffering injury in car crash

The brain is truly a mysterious thing. Capable of controlling everything from bodily functions to movement to communication, it's only until after an injury that we truly realize how important it is to our daily lives. And it isn't until a person starts to recover from a particularly serious brain injury that we realize just how unrelenting our brains are at overcoming damage.


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