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October 2014 Archives

The benefit of collecting SSD benefits in New York

Did you know that the United States Census Bureau's most recent estimates put New York's total population at more than 19.6 million people? If the Centers for Disease Control is right and roughly 20 percent of adults in the U.S. have a disability, this could mean that a large number of people in our state have a physical or mental impairment.

How do I appeal a denied SSD claim?

The question we pose in today's blog post is one that is commonly asked across the nation because of the fact that many applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied initially. Just because a claim has been denied though does not necessarily mean that it isn't legitimate, which is why many people choose to appeal their claim rather than do nothing.

How to prevent and address repetitive stress injuries on the job

Whether you're a machine operator, a package delivery person, or a desk worker, nearly every occupation holds the risk of suffering a repetitive stress injury.  While these injuries might not seem like a big deal at first, without treatment, they can get worse over time and can even lead to chronic pain or debilitating physical conditions.

BRAIN Initiative poised to help scientists understand the brain

There are a lot of conditions that affect the brain. From autism to schizophrenia, these mental conditions all affect people in different ways, sometimes with debilitating results. But despite our knowledge of their existence, there is still so much about these disorders and diseases that we do not know. Scientists are often left asking one important question: where do they come from and how do they develop?

Being aware of your ticket to work

October is an incredibly special month in the United States. Not simply because of Halloween but because it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. What began in 1945 as the first week in October to raise awareness about offering employment to people with disabilities, the NDEAM was later expanded to the entire month, further expounding on the message that people with disabilities have just as much of a right to work than everyone else.


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