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September 2014 Archives

Why do people think the SSD system is ripe with fraud?

When talks began back in 1938 about implementing a benefits system for the disabled, some expressed concerns about the potential for fraud and how it should be handled. As was noted then, it would cost the government a considerable amount of money to weed out illegitimate cases, possibly even far more than could be forecasted.

What does it mean to be totally disabled?

Here in the United States, residents are lucky enough to have access to several programs that provide benefits to someone who becomes disabled because of an injury, illness or medical condition. Things like disability insurance policies, workers' compensation benefits and other programs for veterans or railroad workers all provide benefits in the event of a disability.

What mental conditions are eligible for SSDI benefits?

Being sick or injured to the point where you are disabled and cannot continue working can be devastating and frightening. Not only can you be worried about your condition, but you could also be very worried about how you will take care of yourself and your family without a regular paycheck. Social Security disability benefits can be essential to people in this position.

What promise has research given Alzheimer's patients?

Everyone who has ever had a loved one affected by Alzheimer's hopes that one day, scientists will develop a cure. This sentiment is probably true for many of our New York readers who may have a family member or loved one living with this disabling disease right now.


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