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March 2014 Archives

The role of a representative payee

Earlier this month, we discussed a new rule that the Social Security Administration plans to enforce. The rule addresses in greater detail who is and is not eligible to be a representative payee. Under the SSA's new rule, individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes will not be allowed to collect benefits on behalf of a Social Security disability recipient. This new rule is an effort to protect the most vulnerable SSD recipients from being taken advantage of.

Budget proposal disallows collection of both SSD and unemployment

Today, people in New York and elsewhere are allowed, under federal law, to receive unemployment benefits and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. For some families, receiving both at once ensures that they will barely scrape by each month. Now, however, the president is seeking to change that. 

SSI recipients would be allowed more assets under new bill

Some New York residents may know that in order to receive Supplemental Security Income, you have to meet certain asset requirements. That is, your assets -- those that are liquid or cash -- cannot exceed $2,000. This cap has been in effect since 1989, and many have been calling for a change.

SSA takes steps to protect disability benefits recipients

Some New York residents may recall a tragic situation that came to light in 2011. A total of five people allegedly schemed to hold four people hostage who received Social Security disability benefits for intellectual disabilities. The defendants stole the recipients benefits while keeping them locked in a basement. The defendants were able to convince these individuals to allow them to be their representative payees.


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