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February 2014 Archives

Multiple sclerosis study indicates it could be detected earlier

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating condition that affects several people in New York and millions worldwide. MS is a condition in which a person's immune system wrongly attacks his or her central nervous system. Although the symptoms of MS vary, some people experience balance and speech problems, numbness or even paralysis. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for MS right now, but researchers continue to study the chronic disease in hopes of a breakthrough.

Fully disabled veterans to get quicker SSDI claim reviews

Today, the average wait time for a review on a claim for Social Security disability benefits is three months. As some New York residents know, if you have to appeal a decision, it can take much longer. While these lengthy wait times are frustrating for everyone who applies for benefits, they can be especially infuriating for those who have already been deemed disabled by another governmental body.

Poor service at SSA offices leaves some feeling helpless

Many people in New York who have stepped foot in a Social Security office know that it can be just as bad as going to the DMV. Often, the lines seem neverending and barely budge -- if you only have an hour to wait, you'll probably have to come back later. 

Report on SSDI shows 'mental disorder' is most common condition

Millions of people in this country live with debilitating mental conditions. As many people in New York know, however, mental conditions are not always very visible. It is often difficult to see that a person lives with serious depression or has a diagnosed psychotic disorder. Because of this, some people who live with mental conditions may think it is difficult to obtain Social Security disability benefits. A recent study showed, however, that "mental disorder" is the most common condition for recipients of federal disability benefits. 


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