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November 2013 Archives

What if your Social Security disability application is denied?

Many people in New York have spent countless hours compiling a Social Security disability application. After taking the time to track down all of the paperwork and information that the Social Security Administration requires in order to be considered for SSD benefits, finally being able to send it all in is a good feeling. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the decision they want.

Researchers find possible contributor to pain of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes immense pain in the people who live with it. Unfortunately, the pain of fibromyalgia generally does not subside with normal opioid pain medication. Although it is among the conditions that are eligible for Social Security disability benefits, fibromyalgia is not well understood. In fact, it is often quite difficult for people who live with it to seek disability benefits because there are few reliable tests that can prove the existence of the condition. 

70 percent of polling sites still not fully accessible

In the year 2013, most people would expect that nearly all buildings, public venues and other sites are accessible to everyone. Under the law, most of these places are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, just a day before many cities and states are scheduled to hold elections, the majority of polling places are inaccessible according to government standards. 


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