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June 2013 Archives

New York makes moves to protect disabled residents from abuse

Sadly, many disabled people in New York suffer from maltreatment in many forms. Some endure abuse at the hands of caretakers, and others are forced into debt they simply cannot pay off because of expensive but necessary treatment. To make matters worse, year after year, New York fails to provide the advocacy these individuals need to get help when they are stuck in a bad situation. Fortunately, it seems that this trend is about to come to an end.

Beauty queens with disabilities highlighted in new HBO show

What do you think of when someone says the words "beauty queen?" If you watched the recent Miss USA pageant, it's clear that the traditional beauty queen is slender, composed and model-esque. Perfect hair, perfect teeth and a toned body, however, are not telltale signs of beauty -- and a new HBO documentary hopes to convey that sentiment by following young beauty queens who also have disabilities.

People with disabilities continue to face high unemployment rates

Many people in New York know how challenging living with a disability can be. Not only do you have to find a way to live comfortable in a world tailored for people without disabilities, you also have to find a way to make a living that can pay for the doctor's visits, therapy, prescription medication and other items you need to manage your disability. Unfortunately, finding a job when you have a disability is not always easy. And recent numbers show that an increasing number of people are having a hard time finding employment. 

Social Security Disability fund to run dry in 2016

In recent years, many of us in New York have read about or heard about the financial challenges the Social Security Administration is facing. While all of the programs operated by the SSA are in trouble, Social Security Disability Insurance seems to be in more dire need than others. According to a recent announcement by the program's trustees, the trust fund that supports disability benefits will be empty by 2016.


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