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May 2013 Archives

Has curable NMDA disease been masquerading as schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is an intellectual disorder that seems to terrorize the patient. A person with the disease often displays sudden mood changes, extreme agitation and even describe hearing voices in their head that plot against them. There are treatment options to lessen the symptoms, but schizophrenia is considered an incurable disease, which is why many people who suffer from this condition have a hard time finding work and keeping a job when they find one.

There is life after disability

All too often, an accident seriously injures one of us, leaving a person permanently disabled. For that person, it may feel that his or her life is over. But the fact that there is life after disability is the message underlying an art exhibit now on display.

President wants more pay for disability care givers

Across New York, many in-home care givers are essential to allowing individuals living with disabilities retain a sense of independence. Without such aid, some individuals with disabilities would be unable to completely care for themselves, and would subsequently need to move into a nursing home.

1 million more children have disabilities now than 10 years ago

Here in New York, most of us are pretty aware of mental health conditions. Whether or not we know all of the details, we at least know that mental health conditions exist and affect many people in our community. Thankfully, researchers have made sure that medical professionals and the rest of us keep learning about these conditions. As knowledge and awareness have increased, doctors have been able to recognize the conditions and diagnose them, ensuring that patients know how to manage them appropriately.


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