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November 2012 Archives

Custody issues, discrimination regular for disabled parents

On this blog, we have covered many topics related to living with a disability and obtaining Social Security disability benefits. We've looked at issues through the eyes of disabled voters, the elderly who live with disability and college students. But what about parents?

Not everyone embracing electronic Social Security payments

As we've discussed in previous blog posts, the Social Security Administration announced not long ago that all checks, including disability benefits, would be sent electronically starting in March 2013. They've touted the change as one that will make things easier for recipients while saving tax payers $1 billion. However, not everyone is pleased with the change.

Hurricane Sandy leaves paper checks in the wind

Last week, Hurricane Sandy hit New York, forcing some to evacuate and leaving many without power. It also briefly halted mail service. For many, no mail for a few days no big deal, but for the thousands of people who still receive Social Security disability benefits checks by mail, it may have posed a real problem.

NYC fails to accommodate disabled in storm; class action allowed

New York has faced its fair share of treacherous weather. Last year it was Irene. This year, Hurricane Sandy hit hard. While many people evacuated the area before the worst of the storm hit, not everyone has that option without help.

Unemployment rises for people with disabilities

People in New York who live with a disability know how difficult it can be to find a job that will be accommodating. When the economy is struggling, as it is now, finding meaningful work through employers who are willing to work with those who have a disability can be even more challenging. Recent numbers show that this may be what is currently happening in our country.

The expectations of attending college with a disability

Many children and young adults in New York and across the country live with disabilities. These disabilities, whether attention deficit disorder, a mobility impairment or blindness, can make learning and going to school much more challenging that it is for students who do not have disabilities. Fortunately, laws exist that mandate that elementary and secondary schools pinpoint these students and make concerted efforts to understand their individual needs. While these laws can benefit children until they finish high school, what happens after that?


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