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October 2012 Archives

Latest looks show many NYC polling sites inaccessible to disabled

Thanks to persistent political ads from both sides of the aisle and the media's constant analysis of every move the presidential candidates make, there's no doubting that election season is well underway. With about three weeks left until Election Day, many people in New York are registering to vote and figuring out where their local polling stations are. What most people may not consider, though, is whether they will actually be able to access their polling site.

Labor Department seeks to create flexible workplace for disabled

Many people in New York know firsthand the challenges that come with living with a disability. Some disabilities leave people unable to work and often dependant on Social Security disability benefits. Others may be able to work, but not without obstacles. Fortunately, the government is hoping to help change that.

Doctors grow skin-cancer patient a new ear

We all know the severe destruction that cancer causes. Many people in New York support causes that help raise money for cancer research, and many of us have personal connections to the debilitating disease. While we wait and hope for a breakthrough in research, one story that came to light recently is worth sharing.


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