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September 2012 Archives

Man uses blindness to excel in art

Living with disability is no easy feat, as many people in New York know. It is difficult to find a steady job and often makes day-to-day life more challenging. For these reasons, many people rely on Social Security disability benefits to help them meet financial needs during a temporary or permanent disability.

Investigation finds 25 percent of SSD benefits wrongly awarded

Here in New York, we've all heard about the crisis that Social Security is going through. They're running out of money quickly, and lawmakers have not been able to come to a solution for how to keep it afloat. Unfortunately, it seems that the program may be paying out disability benefits to those who may not need it, which certainly isn't helping its financial situation or those who truly need benefits.

Are retirement benefits better than disability benefits?

As many New York residents know, Social Security disability benefits help keep many people financially afloat. In fact, many people rely on this income for their entire lives. But what happens when you start getting close to retirement age? Which is better: retirement benefits or disability benefits?

New depression treatment may help the untreatable

Anyone in Queens that is living with depression knows how difficult it can be to function, but for some people, their depression is so severe that they are unable to do anything, much less work. The overwhelming effects of the mental health condition may make it impossible to hold down a job and provide for themselves, making it all the more important to apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits.


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