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July 2012 Archives

Social Security Administration audit missed 1.2 million deaths

A recent report released by the inspector general for the Social Security Administration reveals some troubling news about the way that the SSA handles recordkeeping in relation to the payout of benefits. Specifically, it was reported that as many as 1.2 million Americans from New York and elsewhere were not properly noted as deceased by the Social Security Administration in the timeframe following their deaths. That suggests that benefits may have been wrongly paid to family members or others following the deaths of the individuals involved.

New York parents with disabled children should know SSD rules

Parents who have children with disabilities know that they face an entirely different set of challenges than other parents. Their children also face other challenges, especially when they reach adulthood. And in a struggling economy, those who live with a disability often have a more difficult time finding steady work than those who are not disabled. Because of this, it's important that parents know the ins and outs of securing Social Security disability benefits.

New York Social Security disability applications grow

Readers in New York may be interested to discover that, in June of this year, there were a total of 10,798,686 people receiving Social Security disability insurance benefits. This number includes not only those who are disabled and can no longer work, but also some spouses and children of disabled workers. Each of these people found that they were in need of Social Security disability benefits to assist them with their living expenses and successfully obtained the benefits.

Social Security disability faces tough future without action

It has been widely reported in the press that programs from the Social Security Administration face a difficult future if Congress does not act to save them from insolvency. Social Security disability is not immune to this problem, and in fact, some authorities expect the program to begin to alter the amount it pays to recipients within the next four years. For those who have been injured or become ill in New York, this could mean a reduction of benefit amounts by as much as 21 percent, by some estimates.

Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions better

Some say that a new Social Security settlement is important because it brings attention to the plight of the mentally disabled who depend on Social Security benefits to survive on a daily basis. The Social Security Administration agreed on Tuesday, June 19, to a legal settlement with two men who were receiving Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. The SSA agreed to help the two mentally disabled plaintiffs who reside outside of New York to understand the forms and requirements for receiving benefits.


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