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June 2012 Archives

New allowances in Social Security disability benefits for illness

No one enjoys excessive paperwork, or long waiting times for responses. For Americans who need to apply for Social Security disability benefits for illness, waiting is usually the hardest part. Many have already experienced a great deal of stress, both emotionally and financially, as they struggled with injury, illness and the resulting barrage of doctor appointments. Factor in the uncertainty that their application will even be accepted, and you have a very frustrating waiting period for New York residents.

SSD benefits program important to those who can no longer work

For many in New York who may have become disabled or injured and found themselves unable to work, seeking assistance under the Social Security disability program is a good option to make financial ends meet. However, SSD benefits can be confusing, and some find that they do not understand exactly what they can expect to receive or how to qualify for the program. This understanding is important so that an injured or ill person can maximize their potential benefit from the disability program.

Social Security Administration accidently declares some dead

Many in New York may be unaware that there is a Death Master File that keeps track of all of the deaths in the country each year. This file is maintained by the Social Security Administration, and its information is used by credit agencies, government programs and employers to, in part, guard against identity theft. Unfortunately, the SSA reports that there are about 1,000 incorrect listings on the Death Master File each month.

Congress pushes SSA to conduct reviews of SSI recipients

Children can be eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration if they suffer from certain disabilities or illnesses. Children in New York with these medical issues, which include behavioral and learning disabilities and mental disorders, can apply for and receive Social Security disability payments under the Supplemental Security Income program indefinitely under current enforcement rules.


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