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March 2012 Archives

SSA awaits Supreme Court review of sperm donor case

Social Security payments are an important benefit for many in New York and across the country. The payments can assist in supporting a person, helping with bill payments and basic needs. The Social Security Administration provides benefit payments under several programs for people all across our state.

Social Security Administration warns clients about theft

The Social Security Administration is reminding those receiving benefits to be careful to protect their personal information after a report of several benefit thefts. Whether on Long Island or in any part of New York, residents should contact the agency if they do not receive their payments. In most cases, payments can be reissued by the Social Security Administration in the event they have been lost or stolen.

Social Security Disability may be seized to pay child support

Under a decision made by the United States Treasury, many residents of New York and elsewhere who are currently receiving federal benefits and who additionally owe child support could end up losing 100 percent of those benefits starting in 2013. The decision appears to be an unintended side effect of the Treasury's decision to begin paying all benefits electronically. Those benefits include Social Security disability benefits, veterans' benefits, and benefits from other Social Security programs.

Social Security disability claims on the rise

Many New York residents are struggling in these economic times. Even as the economy begins to improve, many continue to suffer from joblessness. Unfortunately, some may find themselves unable to ever work again as a result of a disability that they suffer from. In these cases, Social Security disability provides an important means of income.


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