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February 2012 Archives

Is Social Security Administration cost-of-living increase enough?

Long Island seniors and others who rely on Social Security benefit payments were likely glad to learn about the recent increase is benefit amounts. It was the first increase since 2009, reports say. The 3.6 percent provided comes in the form of a long-awaited cost-of-living adjustment.

Social Security disability program faces financial troubles

For most of its history, Social Security has been able to sustain itself financially. Unfortunately, that is changing and the federal government currently predicts that the trust fund will be completely depleted by 2036. Yet if the latest report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is to be believed, that date may come sooner, potentially causing financial pain to those New York residents who rely on Social Security disability and similar programs.

Social Security Administration closes local Nassau County office

The Social Security Administration has announced that it will close its offices in Long Beach, New York, later this month. The closure comes as a result of budget cuts from Congress. The SSA action could affect those wishing to apply for benefits from Long Beach and surrounding towns.

What not to do when appealing an SSD denial

The rules and regulations relating to Social Security Disability can be very complex and varied. Even when a person seems to meet all the criteria necessary for receiving benefits, a person's request may still be denied. In fact, the Social Security Administration has designed the program in such a way that as much as 70 percent of all initial applications are denied.


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