Protection For Workers Injured While Driving

Work-Related Driving AccidentIf you were injured in a work-related accident, you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits — even if the accident occurred many miles from your office or if the accident was your fault.

Namely, New York's Workers' Compensation system covers commercial drivers, such as:

  • Delivery van drivers
  • Long haul truck drivers
  • Package truck drivers
  • Sales representatives
  • Operators of road construction equipment

If you suffered an injury while driving on-the-job, it is imperative to contact a lawyer who can help assemble and file your claim.

Seeking Maximum Compensation For Your Driving Injuries

Terry Katz & Associates, PC, has more than 30 years of experience representing drivers who were injured while working in New York. Our clients include drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents; truck drivers who suffered back, neck and shoulder injuries while loading their vehicles; truckers with ongoing pain caused by hours of driving; and drivers who were injured due to poor road conditions.

In all the cases we handle, we seek full compensation and evaluate the potential to maximize recovery options through Social Security Disability and third-party Personal Injury claims. With each case, we are committed to helping injured drivers secure a full financial recovery.

What We Do

Insurance companies often attempt to put holds on the benefits you need or deny the treatment your doctor requests. Our firm will help you surmount any obstacles that may arise during the claims process.

We will ensure that your claim is complete and submitted correctly. We know how to push back against insurance companies when they pay less than our clients are entitled to receive or when they pressure our clients to return to work while still injured.

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